Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Sissy gaining confidence by walking on a log.

When we got Sissy it seemed that she had no experience in the natural environment. I sought to "write over" her memories by exposing her to things dogs like to do naturally. While I may have approached or actually did "flood" her early on, any damage caused by my brazen efforts has hopefully been repaired or will be repaired. I was naive, and if I had to do it over again I'd have gone slower. There's no cookbook.

My Life With a Dog

So me of the most profound experiences I've had have involved dogs. Our current companion Sissy, a rescue from Alabama has sealed our commitment to dogs. Her story will be told in this blog, and I intend to share about her growth, my growth, and my wife's growth. Sissy has challenged me and caused me to consider things that I never would have if not for what she brought to our lives, and for that I am a better person.  I am in awe of and so proud of what she has accomplished. Yet perhaps she has induced in me her fear and anxiety about challenges that come with her pushing against the boundaries that contain and burdens her ability to experience life to the fullest.  We have to face these feelings together and figure out behaviors to overcome them. This interspecies partnership is demanding in a most wonderful way.